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Holistic Financial Planning 

Our work with you begins with your financial plan.  Your financial plan is the cornerstone of our engagement with you, and is built on your unique circumstances: your resources, your objectives, your life.

Building your customized financial plan relies on careful collaboration between you and us.  We meet personally with each of our clients, taking the time to get to know you and your family.  Your plan will leverage leading technology tools that will help us explore and understand your unique needs.

Your financial plan is integrated with your investments and portfolios: Your investment risk in context of your planning objectives and your personal risk tolerance.

Your financial plan begins with you - and where you are in life:

Getting Started – Time is your greatest asset  >>

You might think that your early 20’s is too soon to worry about financial planning.  In fact, this is the best time to start.  Habits begun early in life can make a huge impact later, and we can help.  From budgeting, debt and credit management, to taking advantage of retirement savings, making good choices about risk management and optimizing choices on large purchases like houses and cars -- Getting advice early can make a huge difference to later financial success.

Building your future  Let us lighten the load  >>

A spouse, children, houses, cars, and vacations... life can be overwhelming.  Keeping it all organized while optimizing your savings, taxes, debts, insurance and budgeting can also  be overwhelming.  We can help.  Between our deep experience and leading client engagement and management tools we can give you the confidence and knowledge to envision your financial future.

Approaching Retirement  Your last chance for course correction  >>

If you’re within five years of retirement, you’ve made it to a critical window.  Choices you make or don’t make now will impact you for the rest of your life.  Now is the time to confirm your plans for retirement.  When can you retire?  How much will you be able to spend?  Will you have the proper insurance?  Are you invested appropriately?  Do you have the right plan for your social security elections? Are you managing taxes and debts to optimize your future success?  Don't face this most critical period of your financial life alone: allow us to share with you our experiences of hundreds of successful retirements.  By using leading edge retirement, risk and income planning tools as well as our knowledge we can help you make the right choices for your retirement. 

Managing your Income in retirement – Making it last as long as you do  >>

Financial planning doesn’t stop once you retire.  Managing your income distributions, growing your assets to keep pace with inflation, monitoring your insurance and risk managements strategies as well as keeping an eye on tax rules and opportunities that may impact your ongoing financial success are all critical to a well maintained retirement plan.  We will be with you every step of the way.

Planning for your Legacy  Making sure your money goes where you intend  >>

You’ve worked a lifetime to build your legacy. We will work with you to ensure that the plan to transition what you’ve built reflects your wishes.  We will educate you on strategies and approaches that address your concerns about how taxes, control and philanthropy might impact your estate plan. By working with  estate planning professionals like attorneys, accountants and independent trust companies we can help you design an estate plan that fulfills your legacy.

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